Combined Heat and Power Plants

Combined heat and power plants from 50 to 4,500 kW

In our production site near Leipzig, we build CHP compact modules and modules and prefabricate entire container solutions and components for large plants.

  • Project depending: ready for connection as CHP compact module, in a steel or concrete container, turnkey plant construction in buildings/heating houses and as part of an energy system with other renewable technologies
  • Fuels: natural gas (biomethane), biogas, sewage gas, landfill gas and, on request, hydrogen
  • Installation of high-quality gas engines from premium engine manufacturers MWM and MAN
  • Integration of additional steam and cooling solutions as well as other technologies (e. g. innovative CHP systems)
  • Project-specific CHP solutions for sound-sensitive locations, challenging installation conditions and more

In our download area you will find more information about our CHP units. Please also feel free to contact us!

CHP plants with natural gas and biomethane

For utilities and contractors, engineering offices, hospitals, industrial companies and more

Natural gas is highly efficient compared to other fuels. We use it in our adjustable CHP plants which are optimally suited for the flexible balance of power fluctuations caused by the irregular feed in of electricity from wind and sun.

Our CHP plants with natural gas are particular suitable for urban solutions and for the installation in already existing rooms. They are installed in heating stations, housing complexes and hospitals or are integrated in the local heat supply and virtual power plants.

In order to improve environmental protection, solutions with biomethane become more and more convenient. Thanks to renewable energy grants (EEG) this concept also stands for economic success.

In our download area you will get more information about our CHP plants driven by natural gas.

CHP plants with biogas, sewer gas and landfill gas

CHP biogas

For biogas plant manufacturers , engineering offices, farmers, sewage and landfill operators and more

Not only the power but also the heat generated by CHP plants, can be used economically.

Most modern biogas plant operators have a heat concept and seek for heat consumers in the neighborhood to the plant having a demand for heat, e.g. commercial or residential areas, greenhouses or swimming pools.

If the biogas plant is not close to potential heat consumers, micro gas lines supply so-called satellite CHP plants with biogas.

You are planning a project? We have the experience: A cogeneration unit directly at the biogas plant, a SES satellite - or both? Please contact us, our biogas specialists would be happy to advise and to support you.

Used CHP plants

Still interesting: used CHP plants

For re-use

You are looking for a used CHP plant? Our customers want to modernise and are planning the exchange of their CHP plant. The old CHP plant can still be used! 

We would like to consider our current opportunities, advise you and make contact. On request, we also offer service and maintanance to your 'new' used-CHP and even upgrade it in accordance to the current technical directives.

CHP plants with hydrogen

Close cooperation with our engine partners on the subject of hydrogen

It is already possible today to run combined heat and power plants with climate-neutral green hydrogen H2 and thus to move forward the energy transition. First trial projects for hundred per cent operation with hydrogen are already on the market. The challenges are still the procurement of hydrogen, the hydrogen infrastructure and also the handling of power reductions and necessary technical adjustments.

Currently, our systems can be operated with a hydrogen admixture of between 10 and 25 percent - depending on the engine manufacturer - without any product adjustments. Conversion to pure hydrogen operation is also technically possible. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Mobile CHP units

Compact CHP module also available as a mobile unit

Our ready-to-connect CHP modules can be moved to different locations with particular flexibility, as they can be transported like a trailer thanks to their 'mobile base'.

A sensible alternative to permanently installed CHP units if it is clear from the outset that there is no year-round demand for heat, there are various possible applications and the corresponding installation and removal requirements are met.

Our mobile CHP units are currently being used in Ukraine, for example, to support the critical energy infrastructure at the location where they are needed.