Berlin, Saxony, St. Petersburg or the Antartica?

We have implemented a variety of combined heat and power plants and managed to cover a wide range of applications. As a strong partner we have the competence to adapt our products to specific project requirements.

Check out our selected references, and contact us if you want to learn more.


Exemplarly CHP reference plants

CHP of the year 2010: SES-HPC 400 N, Berlin-Adlershof, fuel: bio-methane - photo: Burkhard Peter
Efficient energy supply of fair trade Leipzig: 2 x SES-HPC 400 N - photo: Dietmar Gust/ Berliner NetzwerkE
CHP of the month November 2020: 450 kW for a Berlin police station - photo: CHLietzmann
CHP of the month September 2014: 400 kW in soundproofed concrete container - photo: SES
CHP compact module with 150 kW - photo: Uwe Heinze/ SES Energiesysteme GmbH
CHP with 600 kW in steel container for a biogas plant - photo: SES
1.2 MW-CHP for meat industry/ EDEKA - photo: SES
2 x CHP types SES-C40 HPC 400 N V12 with MAN motor and SES-C40 HPC 250 N for Franken Brunnen/ beverage industry - photo: SES

Our customers are as various as our projects

Public utilities and municipalities, utility companies, contractors, farmers and biogas plant manufacturers, hospital associations, industry and commerce, engineering and planning firms, the greenhouse industry, landfills, sewage treatment plant operators and more.