Innovative CHP

Innovative CHP Systems: CO2 savings in the heating sector

In Germany, so-called 'innovative CHP systems' are particularly energy-efficient and climate-friendly systems in which the CHP plant is combined with a component for the provision of innovative renewable heat and an electric heat generator. An innovative CHP system has to provide a minimum share of innovative renewable heat. To meet this requirement, renewable energies, such as solar thermal and geothermal energy, as well as electricity-consuming technologies, such as heat pumps using environmental heat, are installed and used.

This means, for example, that a new or modernised CHP unit from our company is connected to a brand-new renewable heat generator such as a heat pump or solar thermal plant and an operational electric heat generator, which enables the CHP system to operate flexibly, to form an energy system via a common heat network. Due to their flexibility, CHP systems can react well to fluctuations in the electricity grid and thus ensure grid stability.

If all requirements are met, innovative CHP systems are eligible for subsidies in Germany (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control).

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