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We are celebrating our 25th company anniversary


We are celebrating our 25th company anniversary

Founded 25 years ago in 1998, we look back on a quarter of a century of company history.

It was never boring and we have paved our way with a number of milestones. We are proud of the solid medium-sized company we are today - thanks to our employees and our loyal partners.


Innovative Combined Heat and Power for Greifswald


Innovative Combined Heat and Power for Greifswald

We are very happy to announce the large order we received by the municipal utility in Greifswald which is part of their 'Heat Strategy 2020' for the decarbonisation of local district heating.

At the power plant 'Helmsh├Ąger Berg' we are going to install a highly efficient combined heat and power plant with 4.5 megawatts and five large heat pumps.

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Our CHP plants with biogas and natural gas are efficient, robust and strong. Reliable, functional and durable, they work side by side with the renewables for the energy revolution.


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Compared to the separate production the combined generation of power und heat is highly efficient and environmentally friendly: cogeneration plants require less fuel and put heat to good use.