CHP-natural gas

CHP plants with natural gas and biomethane

CHP natural gas | photo: Uwe Heinze, SES Energiesysteme GmbH

For utilities and contractors, engineering offices, hospitals, industrial companies and more

Natural gas is highly efficient compared to other fuels. We use it in our adjustable CHP plants which are optimally suited for the flexible balance of power fluctuations caused by the irregular feed in of electricity from wind and sun.

Our CHP plants with natural gas are particular suitable for urban solutions and for the installation in already existing rooms. They are installed in heating stations, housing complexes and hospitals or are integrated in the local heat supply and virtual power plants.

In order to improve environmental protection, solutions with biomethane become more and more convenient. Thanks to renewable energy grants (EEG) this concept also stands for economic success.

In our download area you will get more information about our CHP plants driven by natural gas.