CHP plants with biogas, sewer gas and landfill gas

For biogas plant manufacturers , engineering offices, farmers, sewage and landfill operators and more

Not only the power but also the heat generated by CHP plants, can be used economically.

Most modern biogas plant operators have a heat concept and seek for heat consumers in the neighborhood to the plant having a demand for heat, e.g. commercial or residential areas, greenhouses or swimming pools.

If the biogas plant is not close to potential heat consumers, micro gas lines supply so-called satellite CHP plants with biogas.

You are planning a project? We have the experience: A cogeneration unit directly at the biogas plant, a SES satellite - or both? Please contact us, our biogas specialists would be happy to advise and to support you.

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CHP - biogas
In Germany more than 7,000 biogas plants are installed

Biogas has an important role in the energy mix

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Biogas cares for power and heat