About us

We build energy systems

Energy efficiency and renewable energies

We specialise in the realisation of complex projects and plant engineering and install highly efficient combined heat and power plants, storage tanks, heat pumps, solar thermal plants and more - as a complete energy system or stand alone.

We prefabricate our products to a high degree in our production site in Rackwitz near Leipzig, which extremely reduces assembly times on the construction site.

Customer satisfaction

The satisfaction of our customers is the core component of our corporate philosophy

We operate in a challenging market field, dealing with complex projects and high customer expectations. This requires a high degree of experience and the corresponding know-how.

We can demonstrate both: With over 250 megawatts of installed electrical capacity, the support of almost 1,000 plants in service and exemplary references.

As we want to improve constantly, your feedback is welcome at any time.


We build sustainable energy solutions for reliable power supply

The performance of existing environmental policies, and the desire to achieve higher levels of efficiency with our products have high priority. We focus on innovative energy systems. With foresight, we are advancing the renewable energy policy to reduce CO2 emissions.

    Our CHP plants are built according to the highest quality standards and embody the premium quality of German engineering.
    Our CHP plants are a profitable investment for our customers.
    Our CHP plants are climate-friendly. The use of combined heat and power stands for environmental responsibility.

We take responsibility for our partners and customers, the society and the environment .


Our brand image is the mammouth

Because every product from our company has the characteristics of a mammoth: reliability, robustness, a good performance and a long life.

The mammoth was perfectly adapted to its environmental conditions. It had a efficient thermal insulation and survived the ice age unscathed. Its massive body, size and specially hardened tusks protected it from natural enemies. A mammoth could become up to 65 years old.

Science supports the theory that climate warming caused the mammoth to become extinct. So the mammoth as a victim of a bygone climate change is a tragic symbol and an ambassador for clean energy for us today.

The energy transition is a mammoth task!

With our products, strong as a mammoth. To our range of products and scope of supply >

The energy revolution is a mammoth task